Scientific Research

Hyper S350

Broadband Excitation Illuminator for Fluorescence Microscope
Metal Halide Lamp w/ reflector-
A powerful light source: 130 W Metal Halide Lamp w/ reflector offers sufficient power in all research occasions
Pre-aligned lamp-
Easy maintenance; saves time on lamp replacement
Extra long-life lamp-
Low maintenance fee(Traditional Hg Lamp vs. YODN S series metal halide Lamp – 200 hours vs 3,000 hours lamp life)
Low photobleaching rate-
Increase the fluorescence cell sample survival rate
Full wavelength-
Ideal for all fluorescence excitation
Rear light guide poot designed for scientific research-
The new design is more in line with the research situation and easy to operate


YODN Hyper series is a new generation of illuminators designed for fluorescence microscopy research. With the latest core design, its wide wavelength range can produce a variety of different fluorescence excitations, which not only effectively increase the intensity of the light source,  it can also meet most research needs and provide users with simple and flexible operation options. Furthermore, the long life characteristics can effectively save your time and labor costs of replacing and maintaining light bulbs. YODN Hyper series is the best choice for fluorescence experiments.