Flat Light

Hemera E103

■Energy saving - LED green light source saves energy and electricity.
Lightweight - Lightweight and easy to move
■Easy to hold - The handle has anti-slip grooves and pattern design to reduce slipping and falling due to sweat
■Long-life LED light source - 30,000 hours of long-term stable LED light source, which can reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and replacement of bulbs.
■Fanless design - The fanless light source heat dissipation not only provides the heat dissipation required by the light source, but also takes into account the requirements of the clean room environment, and at the same time blocks the possibility of vibration.
■Adjustable uniform light spot - Miniaturized optical design provides uniform light spot to improve production efficiency. The spot size can be adjusted according to actual needs.
■Optional color chip output - You can choose yellow-green or green-green chips according to the application to improve the detection rate.
■Adjustable Lighting Intensity - Adjustable Lighting Intensity provides flexibility in choosing the lighting intensity.


YODN Hemera E103 LED lighting system is an LED light source specially designed for AOI inspection. Hemera E103 uses the latest high-brightness Nissan LEDs, combined with heat dissipation design without any fan components, to provide users a uniform and strong light source for visual inspection and improve work efficiency. The projected light source can be customized to choose a square or round light source. Depending on the application, Hemera E103 can be matched with a special filter to emit yellow-green light or green light. In addition to the compact body, its ultra-bright design is more suitable for using in different environments. The simple industrial style mechanism design can be placed on the work table of precision equipment while supplying the light source, and perfectly integrated into the production equipment and system. Separating adjustable light source output and power switch design makes the configuration more flexible and suitable for many occasions such as semiconductor, panel industry, circuit board industry, automotive industry cavity or equipment appearance inspection.


Hemera Series is a illuminator series which specially for AOI / MTF/ TOP and other industrial inspection.


YODN is a professional R&D and manufacturer of illuminator for testing, visual inspection, automated quality contral, UV curing and other light source system and equipment.


Gerenal Spec.  
Model Name Hemera E103
Input voltage  100-120 VAC , 50/60Hz
Luminous flux  700lm maximum
Power consumption ( Max.) Approximately 20W
Illuminance control Manual: Manual dimming knob 
Dimensions LED head :  67*58*250mm / Controler : 100*70*182mm
Weight LED head :      400g        /   Controler :     900g
Operating environment
(No condensation)
Temperature: 5 to 30
Humidity: 20 to 80%
Lifetime*1 Approximately 30,000H