Scientific Research

Hyper E630

Broadband Excitation Illum inator for Fluorescence Microscope
■LED Light source:Eco-friendly design, long file, instant on/off, stable light output, and free from light
bulb change.
■Broadband spectrum: Broadband spectrum (350nm~600nm), sufficient to use in all research occasions
related to fluorescence, such as DAPI, GFP/FITC, Mcherry/Texas Red.
■Simple operation: Easy operation and programmable.
■Low photo-beaching rate: LED cold light used;increase the fluorescence cell sample survival rate.
■Reverse light output with liquid light guide: Small light engine and liquid light guide design, perfect for research laboratories
with limited space.
■Custom thermal system for LED light engine:Custom designed thermal system effectively control the light engine/illuminator
at the best operation temperature ensure the illuminator perfor ms at best conditions.


New generation Hyper E630. It has effectively increased the intensity of LED light
YODN Hyper E630 illuminator is a brand new light source specially mad for
fluorescence microscopes. Our illuminator equips the best LED light engine,
produces spectrums that can fulfill most research lighting demands with its
broadband spectrums design methodology. It helps you conduct your works
easily in an energy efficient way. It produces spectrums from 350nm to 600nm by
latest LED technology, a true broadband illuminator than can support different
fluorescence excitation, such as DAPI,GFP/FITC, mCherry/Texas .
Besides, the LED long life characteristic makes you don’t worry about the bulb
YODN Hyper E630 is the best choice for fluorescence microscope researches.
■Wavelength range: 350~600nm
■LED peaks/FWHM: 365/20 nm、460/40 nm、560/80 nm、630nm/20nm
■External pow er supply: Universal input 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
■Power consumption: 60W
■LED on/o  res ponse times: 20 ms
■Control pad:ON/OFF;LED intensity control 10% - 100%(All channel)
■Dimensions (mm):Illuminator 149.2*162*92;Power adapter 72*175*35
■Weight: Approx. 1.9 Kg (including power supply, control pad)
■Warranty: Illuminator 24 Months
■Standard configuration:Illuminator, control pad, adaptor(choose one), integrated power supply.
■Optional: 1.5m long, Φ3mm liquid light guide/stand, collimators.
■Cert ifications: CE (TBA)
*365nm can be changed to 405nm;made by order.