Hyper E340

January 31,2023
You refine the best research works; we offer the best lighting options to assist
you achieve goals.

YODN, a special lighting company, proudly announces the introduction of the LED light source, designed specifically for fluorescence microscopes, YODN Hyper E340. The illuminator equips the best LED light engine, produces spectrums that can fulfill most of the research lighting demands with its wide-field spectrums design methodology. Regardless you are a researcher or a microscoplist, Hyper E340 helps you conduct your works easily in an energy efficient way. YODN Hyper E340 illuminator successfully adapts the latest LED
technology, remarkably produces spectrums from 350 nm to 730 nm with red light enhancement, a true wide-field illuminator that can support different fluorescence excitation, such as DAPI, GFP/FITC, mCherry/Texas Red, Cy3, Cy5 (or Cy7) research and more. Both manual and automatic digital programming control are seamlessly integrated in Hyper E340, offer the users easy, yet flexible operation options. Better yet, the LED technology long life characteristic makes Hyper E340 an almost maintenance free equipment, no more light bulb changes. YODN Hyper E340 is an advance choice for fluorescence microscope applications.
Product Specifcation
Wavelength range 350~730 nm
LED peaks/FWH 365/20 nm, 460/40 nm, 560/80 nm, 630/20 nm;
(Optional: 405/20 nm, 730/20 nm)
External power supply Universal input 100-240VAC 50/60 H
Power consumptio 85W
LED on/off respons 1 ms
LED expected life 25000 hours
Control Pad 1.ON/OFF
2.LED intensity control 10-100%
3.Color separation output control
External control TTL Trigger & PC control
 (RS232 command /USB B-type connector)
Demension (mm) Illminator : 12/*365*211
Power supply :67*167*35
Weight Approx. 5.5 Kg (including power supply)
Warranty Illminator : 24 Months
Option 1.5M/φ3 mm liquid light guide/ Adaptor, collimators
Certifcations CE(TBA)
Featrue Beneifts
LED light source  Eco-friendly design, long life, instant on/off, stable light output.
Broadband spectrum Broadband spectrum (350 nm –730 nm), sufficient to use in all research
occasions related to fluorescence, such as DAPI, GFP/FITC, mCherry/Texas
Red, and Cy3, Cy5 (or Cy7) excitation.
Simple operation Use manual control or remote control (TTL) to switch your LED intensity/channel easily.
Low photo-bleaching rate LED cold light used; increase the fluorescence cell sample survival rate.
Custom thermal system
for LED light engine
 Control the light engine/illuminator at the best operation temperature and performance.
Support multiple digital control  Easy switch between manual control or auto program operation (USB/TTL).
Users can see each LED intensity, temperature, usage hours on the display
(30 x 15 mm)
Support remote off-site control Use the USB interface or TTL to connect the illuminator with a personal
computer,and observe the research progress in a remote location.

TTL: on/off (BNC)
PC control : on/off, 1% intensity adjustment (USB B-type )